The Experience 美食經驗

A differentiated dining experience bringing a true taste of Chinese culture to the table for Dili residents and visitors to enjoy.

Private Dining Rooms

Hong Kong Room

Private Dining

Macau Room

The Chefs 主廚


Ah Wai

In 7 years living in Timor Leste, Great Wall’s Executive Chef, Ah Wai, has already established a strong name for himself in the restaurant industry. Growing up in Perak, Malaysia, around food and in a kitchen, is where his passion for cooking started. As Chef de Cuisine at Great Wall, his philosophy is to create delicious and authentic Chinese dishes that consist of the freshest ingredients.

Ah Hoong

Chef Ah Hoong joined the family of Great Wall in 2014 from same hometown as Ah Wai, Perak, Malaysia, where he was cooking at several Chinese restaurants. Chef Ah Hoong strives to source ingredients locally to cultivate the link between the traditional Chinese cuisine and international flavors.

The Reviews 評論

Preferred place for our familiy dinners. Nice setting. Staff are friendly. Food is usually nice. Ohh and the wine selection.

Samie Gee

What an absolutely fantastic place… great food, great wines, we just loved the place…the meat was superb!

Chris Lolo